Energy Storage, Parkland, FL

Lower Peak Demand Charges + Reduce Energy Costs

Save More with Commercial Solar Energy Storage

Solar by itself can cut monthly energy charges dramatically. Storage can amplify those savings by addressing demand charges. Combining solar and storage creates more ways to save and can be a financially attractive combination for customers with the right energy profile.

How energy storage works

The curve created by the up and down movement of your monthly energy bills is called the load profile. Businesses with a lot of fluctuation have a "spiky" load associated with drastic shifts throughout the day in how much energy they are consuming. Storage helps reduce that spike.

Step 1

Solar charges your batteries

During daylight, your solar system uses batteries to store excess energy it generates.

Step 2

software monitors power consumption

Intelligent software coordinates between solar and storage, optimizing how and when energy is utilized.

Step 3

Batteries release energy

Stored energy can be released:

  • When rates are high
  • To keep supply at a consistent level and avoid peak demand charges
  • To stay below a certain energy use threshold and avoid moving into a higher rate tariff