Direct Purchase Solar Panels

Direct Purchase Solar Panels

Gain Energy Independence When You Buy Solar Panels

With the direct purchase approach you can purchase an entire solar system up front. That means you own your system and your savings, on your terms. No monthly payments-just clean, renewable energy that puts you in control.

What's even better? When you buy solar panels for your business, we'll walk you through everything from creating a custom system design to approvals to installation so you can count on a solar system that's tailor-made just for you.


  1. Solar that Puts You First
    Our team of experts are here to guide you along the way. We'll tailor a solar system to fulfill the needs of your home and lifestyle. We'll even take care of any paperwork, permits, and handle all aspects of your battery and solar panel installation.
  2. Comprehensive System Service
    Our team of experts offers best-in-class solar and batteries with the highest quality workmanship. When you buy batteries and solar panels for your business, you'll also enjoy industry-leading equipment.
  3. Solar Incentives Directly to You
    Purchase a solar system from our team of experts and you'll own your system and your savings for life. As a solar system owner, generous incentives like the 30% federal solar tax credit1 will go directly to you and offset some of the price of solar panels. Plus, you may be able to get additional local incentives like solar rebates, sales and property tax exemptions, and more.